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Colin Morris

Urban Planner at GreenCity Solutions Ltd.
GreenCity Solutions Ltd.
As an Urban Planner at GreenCity Solutions Ltd., Colin Morris brings over 15 years of expertise in sustainable development and land use management to create innovative solutions for urban challenges i
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Areas of expertise:

About Colin Morris

  • Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Master’s degree in Environmental Management from University of Manchester

Experience: Colin has over 15 years of experience in urban planning, specializing in sustainable development projects and land use management. He has worked with local governments, private developers, and environmental organizations to create innovative solutions for urban challenges, with a focus on promoting green spaces, affordable housing, and transportation accessibility.

Key Skills:

  • Expertise in land use zoning, environmental impact assessment, and urban design principles
  • Proficient in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software for spatial analysis and mapping
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills, with a track record of building consensus among diverse stakeholders
  • Passionate about promoting sustainable development practices and enhancing the quality of life in urban communities

Interests: Outside of work, Colin enjoys exploring the vibrant cultural scene of Manchester, attending music festivals, and volunteering with local environmental groups. He is an avid cyclist and advocates for sustainable transportation solutions to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in urban areas. Colin also has a keen interest in photography and enjoys capturing the unique architecture and landscapes of the cities he visits.

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Colin Morris

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